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Business is accelerating at an unprecedented pace. You may go through phases of changes in business performance, - loss in profitabilty, problems with cash flow, declining market share, customer attrition, which are usually lead indicators of changes in the industry, competitor action, shifts in customer preferences and so on. Your once successful business model may not be able to deliver any longer and may have to be reviewed and updated to reflect the realities of your industry.

Business strategies have to be closely monitored, compared to core competencies and capabilities, and assessed against available resources. Each company is different, each industry is different, each value chain is different.

We help our clients improve their performance and achieve results. They improve their bottom line, cut costs, increase revenue, successfully complete projects, turnaround their companies.

We achieve our results by working closely with you. We invest time in order to understand you and your business and your needs in the best possible way. This may take a couple of meetings. We invest this time gladly, in order to understand how we can provide the best solutions, and to jointly formulate a realistic, actionable and measurable plan to satisfy your unique needs.

We are happy to visit you and to get to know you.If you think you might be interested in working with ATN Management Consulting to improve your condition, please call the number below or contact us by email.

Please see our Business Strategy Services page for additional information, case studies and referrals.

In order to provide you with an insight into how our strategy process works, please find below our 5 step action plan to formulate, implement and measure strategy.

We utilize the following 5 step action plan to instigate a viable, relevant winning business strategy.

Phase 1: Strategic Intelligence Gathering and Analysis
We will gather, organize, and analyze data on industry, markets, competitors, technology, and past business performance, company drivers and industry change drivers. Based on these factors we will structure the company’s internal and external hypothesis, undertake scenario planning and war games.

Phase 2: Strategy Design and Formulation
Company strategy will be formulated on below listed parameters:
Product/service mix, markets to be served
Industry value chain and company value chain
Company capabilities and future desired capabilities
Companies competitive advantage
Future value space for the company

Phase 3: Strategy Implementation Planning
We will jointly undertake the following steps:
Strategic master plan preparation
Aligning company resources with desired results
Aligning the company behind the plan
Designing control and performance measurements

Phase 4: Implementing the Strategy and Performance Measurement
The best strategy is useless unless it is properly implemented. We design a custom tailored corporate scorecard to monitor and implement company strategy based on financial and strategic data. The data is then communicated to company stakeholders and the resources of the company are transformed to effectively implement the plan.

Phase V: Strategy Review and Updating
Lagging and leading indicators are monitored and strategy review sessions are undertaken to align strategic plans with emerging strategic developments

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